China Custom Td75 Pulley Idler Coneyor Components for Conveyor System

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Td75 Pulley Idler Coneyor Components for Conveyor System 

Packaging & Delivery: 
Packaging Detail: Wooden box or carton packing
Delivery Detail: According to your quantity

Our Services: 
1. OEM Service
2. Special conveyor or other related machines' customer-made
3. Design for buyer 

B D A L L1 L2 K M N Q P H H H1 D B Ds Bearing style Allowable torque
Smooth roller Rubber face roller
500 500


600 1097 505.5 115 70 - 280 340 100 33 60 55 16    1312 16300 25000
650 500 1000 750 1280 588.5 135 90 - 350 410 120 33 76 70 20 1316 21200 32600
630 29600 45400
800 500 1300 950 1580 738.5 135 90 - 350 410 120 33 76 70 20 27 1316 26200 45710
630 1661 771 175 130 80 380 460 140 33 97 90 24 3520 36700 56100
800 55900 85500
1000 630 1500 1150 1861 871 175 130 80 380 460 140 33 97 90 24    3520 45700 75710
800 1945 900 215 160 90 440 530 160 53 119 110 32 3524 69600 106800
1000 2571 930 255 170 100 480 570 180 53 140 130 36 3528 - 177500
1200 630 1750 1400 2195 1571 215 160 90 440 530 160 53 119 110 32 34 3524 54900 84000
800 83700 128100
1000 2270 1055 255 170 100 480 570 180 53 140 130 36 3528 - 213000
1250 2305 1065 275 180 110 540 630 200 63 161 150 40 3532 - 300000
1400 800 2000 1600 2445 1150 215 160 90 440 530 160 53 119 110 32    3524 97600 149200
1000 2555 1190 275 180 110 540 630 200 63 161 150 40 3532 - 249250
1250 - 350000
1400 2635 1200 335 200 120 590 680 220 63 181 170 40 3536 - 470000

B D Smooth Surface Rubber casting Rubber coating
Drawing No.  Weight(kg) Drawing No.  Weight(kg) Drawing No.  Weight(kg)
500 500


155 TD1A23 166 TD1A33 168
650 500 TD2A13 237 TD2A23 250 TD2A33 253
630 TD2A14 267 TD2A24 283 TD2A34 286
800 500 TD3A13 297 TD3A23 313 TD3A33 316
630 TD3A14 402 TD3A24 423 TD3A34 426
800 TD3A15 473 TD3A25 501 TD3A35 503
1000 630 TD4A14 442 TD4A24 467 TD4A34 471
800 TD4A15 682 TD4A25 715 TD4A35 719
1000 - - TD4A26 963 TD4A36 969
1200 630 TD5A14 660 TD5A24 691 TD5A34 696
800 TD5A15 759 TD5A25 798 TD5A35 804
1000 - - TD5A26 1072 TD5A36 1083
1250 - - TD5A27 1642 TD5A37 1650
1400 800 TD6A15 898 TD6A25 942 TD6A35 949
1000 - - TD6A26 1453 TD6A36 1466
1250 - - TD6A27 1770 TD6A37 1784
1400 - - TD6A28 2203 TD6A38 2216






1) Can we get your free samples?
Yes, it is ok. Our Samples are free for the customers. But the freight for express is on buyer's account.

2)How long to get the sample?
After you pay the freight charge and send us confirmed files, the samples will be ready for delivery in 3-7 days. The samples will be sent to you via express and arrive in 3~5 days.

3) Can we combine many items size in 1 container in my first order?
Yes, it is ok. But the quantity of each ordered item should reach the MOQ for trail order.

4) What is the normal lead time ?
A. For inventory products, we will send goods to you within 7-10 work days after we receive the deposit.
B. For mass production, the delivery time is 25-28 days after we received the deposit
C.For OEM products, the delivery time is 30-35 work days after we receive the deposit.

5) What is your payment term?
T/T 30% advanced before production,70% balance payment before delivery

6) What is your shipping way?
We will help you to choose the best shipping way according to your detail requirements.
By sea, by air, or by express delivery, etc.

7)How long to get the sample?
After you pay the freight charge and send us confirmed files, the samples will be ready for delivery in 3-7 days. The samples will be sent to you via express and arrive in 3~5 days.

8)How is your package?
Normally packed with wooden drums and cartons, other ways can be done according you.

Welcome to cooperate with us . We would like to provide our distributor/agent promotion price as reward for the cooperation. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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Material: Steel
Tube Material: Steel Z/P, Ss, Aluminium, PVC
Tube Dia: 38/50/60mm
Length: Can Be Customized
Shaft Dia: 15/12/Hex mm
Transport Package: Carton with Fumigation, Carton with Woven Bag.


ratchet wheel

Can you explain the impact of ratchet wheels on the overall safety of mechanical systems?

Ratchet wheels play a crucial role in enhancing the overall safety of mechanical systems in various applications. Their impact on safety can be summarized as follows:

  • 1. Preventing Unintended Backdriving: One of the primary safety benefits of ratchet wheels is their ability to prevent unintended backdriving or reverse motion. When a pawl or catch mechanism engages with the teeth of the ratchet wheel, it locks the wheel in place, ensuring that the system does not move in the undesired direction. This feature is especially important in applications where maintaining a specific position or preventing sudden movement is critical for safety.
  • 2. Controlled Motion: Ratchet wheels provide controlled and incremental motion, allowing users to make precise adjustments or movements. This controlled motion is essential in applications where precise positioning or controlled advancement is necessary for safety reasons, such as in medical devices, manufacturing equipment, or safety mechanisms.
  • 3. Safety Interlocks: Ratchet wheels are often used in safety interlock systems where certain conditions must be met for a system to operate safely. For example, in industrial machinery, a ratchet wheel and pawl mechanism can be part of an interlock system that ensures equipment remains stationary until specific safety conditions are met, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • 4. Load Handling and Securement: In load handling and securement applications, such as winches and tie-down straps, ratchet wheels help maintain tension and prevent slack. This contributes to the safe transportation of loads, reducing the risk of load shifts or accidents during transit.
  • 5. Emergency Stop Systems: Ratchet wheels are employed in emergency stop systems to ensure that once the system is activated, it remains in a safe state until intentionally reset. This safety feature is vital in machinery and equipment where rapid shutdown is necessary to prevent hazards.
  • 6. Reliability and Predictability: Ratchet wheels offer reliability and predictability in their operation. Users can apply force or torque in the desired direction with confidence, knowing that the ratchet mechanism will engage and prevent unexpected movement. This predictability enhances the overall safety of the system.
  • 7. Versatility in Safety Applications: Ratchet wheels find application in a wide range of safety-critical systems, including vehicle handbrakes, safety gates, medical devices, and more. Their ability to provide controlled and secure motion makes them versatile components in various safety applications.

In summary, ratchet wheels contribute significantly to the safety of mechanical systems by preventing unintended movement, providing controlled motion, enabling safety interlocks, and enhancing reliability. Their presence in safety-critical applications helps reduce the risk of accidents and ensures that systems operate safely and predictably.

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Can you provide insights into the importance of proper installation and alignment of ratchet wheels?

The proper installation and alignment of ratchet wheels are of utmost importance for ensuring their functionality, longevity, and safety in mechanical systems. Here are key insights into why proper installation and alignment matter:

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  • 2. Preventing Premature Wear: Misaligned or improperly installed ratchet wheels can experience uneven wear on their teeth. This can lead to premature wear and decreased service life. Proper alignment distributes loads evenly, reducing the risk of wear and damage.
  • 3. Safety Considerations: In safety-critical applications, such as emergency stop systems, the alignment of ratchet wheels is vital. Misalignment can compromise the safety of these systems, leading to unintended operation or failure to engage when needed. Proper alignment ensures reliable safety mechanisms.
  • 4. Avoiding Slippage: Correct alignment ensures that the pawl or catch securely engages with the ratchet wheel's teeth. Improper alignment can result in slippage, where the wheel fails to hold its position or lock as intended. This can be hazardous in applications requiring stability and security.
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  • 8. Minimizing Vibration and Noise: Misalignment can lead to unwanted vibrations and noise in mechanical systems. Proper alignment reduces these disturbances, contributing to a quieter and smoother operation.
  • 9. Compliance with Specifications: Many industries have specific standards and regulations governing the installation and alignment of critical components like ratchet wheels. Proper alignment ensures compliance with these standards and ensures that the system operates as intended.

In summary, proper installation and alignment of ratchet wheels are essential for precision, efficiency, safety, and overall system performance. Investing time and care in the initial installation process pays off in terms of reliability, reduced maintenance, and improved safety in mechanical systems.

ratchet wheel

Can you explain the primary purpose and applications of ratchet wheels in various industries?

Ratchet wheels serve a primary purpose in various industries by enabling unidirectional motion, preventing backward movement, and offering precise control. Their applications are diverse and include the following:

  • 1. Automotive Industry: Ratchet wheels are integral to automotive applications, such as handbrakes and vehicle jacks. Handbrakes use ratchet mechanisms to securely hold a vehicle in place, preventing it from rolling when parked on an incline. Vehicle jacks employ ratchet mechanisms for controlled lifting and lowering of vehicles during maintenance or tire changes.
  • 2. Construction and Engineering: Construction and engineering equipment often feature ratchet mechanisms. Ratchet straps and tie-downs are used for securing loads on trucks and trailers. Additionally, ratchet wrenches and torque wrenches provide precise control in construction and assembly tasks, allowing for incremental tightening or loosening of bolts and fasteners.
  • 3. Manufacturing and Assembly: Ratchet mechanisms are employed in manufacturing and assembly processes where controlled movement is essential. This includes machinery used in factories for precision tasks like fastening, clamping, or incrementally advancing components on an assembly line.
  • 4. Medical Devices: The medical industry utilizes ratchet wheels in various instruments and devices. For instance, surgical instruments may feature ratchet mechanisms to control the movement of specific components, allowing surgeons to perform delicate procedures with precision.
  • 5. Material Handling: In material handling equipment such as winches, hoists, and cranes, ratchet wheels ensure the controlled lifting and lowering of heavy loads. They contribute to safety and prevent unintended load movement, making them crucial in industries like construction, manufacturing, and logistics.
  • 6. Consumer Products: Ratchet mechanisms are found in many consumer products. A common example is a retractable tape measure, where a ratchet wheel allows the tape to be extended and then locked in place at the desired length. Similarly, many hand tools like screwdrivers and pliers feature ratchet mechanisms for efficient and continuous rotation in one direction.
  • 7. Aerospace and Aviation: Ratchet wheels are used in aerospace and aviation applications for tasks like securing cargo in aircraft, controlling movements in cockpit instruments, and ensuring the proper operation of various components within the aircraft.
  • 8. Marine and Boating: Marine equipment often employs ratchet mechanisms in winches and pulleys for controlling sails, anchors, and other rigging. They enable sailors to adjust sail tension and anchor position with precision.
  • 9. Sports and Recreation: Ratchet mechanisms are used in sports and recreational equipment, such as bike gears and fishing reels. They provide controlled motion and prevent backward movement, enhancing the user experience and safety.

Ratchet wheels are versatile components that find applications in an array of industries, improving safety, control, and efficiency across various mechanical systems.

China Custom Td75 Pulley Idler Coneyor Components for Conveyor System  China Custom Td75 Pulley Idler Coneyor Components for Conveyor System
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