China best Troughing Carrier Idler, Conveyor Impact Idler

Product Description

ZheJiang Yuanben Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuanben) is a specialized manufacturer that focuses on designing and manufacturing intelligent vibrating screening equipment. The company is committed to the processing, production, research& development and design of new intelligent vibrating screen. Yuanben is located in the national center city, HangZhou, it owns more than 20 technical engineers, and cooperates deeply all along with ZheJiang Xihu (West Lake) Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. which has years of dedicated production experience, in addition, Yuanben has its own processing research and development base.
''Build industry with wisdom, create value with wisdom'', under the promotion of "Internet+" concept, Yuanben will deeply integrate ''intelligence + digitalization'' to build an intelligent workshop and realize the intelligence of overall process. While strengthening its own equipment automation intelligence, driving the transformation and upgrading of screening industry, the industry intelligent development should be also jointly promoted.

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Belt Conveyor Parts, Conveyor Belt Rubber Roller

Ultra high molecular polyethylene roller is an advanced product which is to substitute stainless roller, which has some disadvantages such as heavy, easy to be eroded, easy to stick with transporting material, high static electricity and others. it includes ultrahigh molecular polyethylene pipe which produced by high technology as its body, bearing seat and seal are fully rubber material made by one-time. Then, they are sealed with 3 layer of water-proof and dust-proof installation via labyrinth and contact method


Good Lubricity and not bonding, so no bonding and piling up material on the surface of the idler. Guarantee the steady operation of the belt conveyor.
Friction coefficient is much lower than steel, reduce the friction between the idler and belt, that reduces the driving force of the belt conveyor.
 Long working life, is 3~5 times of the steel.
Because of the good performance of the UHMW-PE, also extending the working life of the belt conveyor.
Light weight which is 1/3~1/2 of the steel weight, conveniently installing and changing, reducing the maintance and labor intensity and also reducing the 25% electricity.
Effectively reducing the operation noise, UHMW-PE has better shock absorbing performance and damping performance.
Good load bearing performance and anti-corrosive performance, it can be meet the heavy load of the belt conveyor according to the adjusting the thickness 8. Adapt to large scope of the working temperature. ( can work from -40ºC ~ 80ºC) 

Ultra High Molecular Roller is the substitution product of stainless roller; it is also equipped in the belt conveyor, which is widely used in coal mines, metallurgy, ports, construction site, power station, and chemical, especially in food and medicine industries.

Technical Parameter

Diameter(mm) Lenth(mm) Bearing Type Weight of Rotating Part (kg) Weight (kg)
63.5 200 6203/4C 1.36 1.86
600 3.27 4.48
76 200 6204/4C 1.85 2.54
250 2.03 2.85
600 4.14 5.82
750 5.01 7.05
89 200 6204/C4 2.08 2.8
250 2.15 2.99
315 2.58 3.59
600 4.78 6.49
750 5.79 7.88
950 7.15 9.73
108 250 6205/C4 3.01 4.3
315 3.53 5.07
380 4.07 5.87
465 4.77 6.89
530 5.32 7.7
600 5.89 8.54
750 7.14 10.37
950 8.78 12.78
1150 10.43 15.2
1400 12.5 18.11
1600 14.18 20.7
133 250 6305/C4 4.65 4.3
315 5.45 7.12
380 6.3 8.23
465 7.38 9.62
530 8.21 10.7
600 9.1 11.86
700 10.37 13.53
800 11.61 15.17
950 13.54 17.66
1150 16.09 20.98
1400 19.28 25
1600 21.83 28.48
159 315 6306/C4 6.94 9.38
380 9.07 11.87
465 10.53 13.8
530 11.64 15.27
600 12.84 16.86
700 14.55 19.13
800 16.27 21.4
1150 22.27 29.34
1400 26.56 35.02
1600 29.99 39.56


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Material: Polyethylene
Application: Chemical Industry, Grain Transportation, Mining Transport, Power Plant
Structure: Ordinary Roller
Bearing Type: Double Sealed Bearing
Type: Wear-Resistant Idler
Diameter of Roller: 60-159mm
US$ 8/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




ratchet wheel

Can ratchet wheels be customized for specific uses or integrated into different systems?

Yes, ratchet wheels can be customized for specific uses and seamlessly integrated into various mechanical systems. Customization allows for tailoring ratchet wheels to meet the unique requirements of specific applications. Here are ways in which ratchet wheels can be customized and integrated:

  • 1. Custom Tooth Profile: Ratchet wheels can be designed with a specific tooth profile to match the desired level of control and movement. Custom tooth spacing and sizes can be created to achieve precise incremental motion or accommodate varying load capacities.
  • 2. Material Selection: Depending on the application's demands, ratchet wheels can be manufactured from different materials, including various types of metals such as steel, stainless steel, or alloys. Specialized coatings can also be applied for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance.
  • 3. Size and Diameter: The size and diameter of the ratchet wheel can be customized to fit within the available space of the mechanical system. This ensures a proper fit without clearance issues or interference with other components.
  • 4. Load Capacity: Custom ratchet wheels can be designed to handle specific load capacities, making them suitable for both light-duty and heavy-duty applications. Reinforced designs with larger teeth and diameters can support heavier loads.
  • 5. Pawl and Catch Mechanism: The design of the pawl or catch mechanism can be tailored to ensure optimal engagement and disengagement with the custom ratchet wheel. This customization ensures reliable operation in the intended application.
  • 6. Precision Requirements: For applications demanding precise control and adjustments, fine-tooth custom ratchet wheels can be created to provide finer incremental movement and enhanced accuracy.
  • 7. Regulatory Compliance: Custom ratchet wheels can be designed to meet specific industry standards and safety regulations, ensuring compliance with applicable requirements.
  • 8. Integration into Systems: Ratchet wheels can be seamlessly integrated into various systems, including hand tools, winches, tie-down mechanisms, conveyor systems, and more. Their unidirectional and locking capabilities make them valuable components in many applications.

Customized ratchet wheels are often used in specialized industries and applications where standard off-the-shelf components may not fully meet the unique demands. Manufacturers and engineers work closely to design and produce custom ratchet wheels that precisely match the specifications and requirements of the intended use, contributing to the efficiency and reliability of the mechanical systems they are part of.

ratchet wheel

Are there innovations or advancements in ratchet wheel technology that have emerged recently?

Yes, there have been notable innovations and advancements in ratchet wheel technology in recent years. These developments aim to enhance the performance, efficiency, and versatility of ratchet wheels in various applications. Some of the key advancements include:

  • 1. Materials and Coatings: Advances in materials science have led to the development of ratchet wheels made from high-strength and lightweight materials. These materials offer improved durability and reduced wear, extending the service life of ratchet wheels. Additionally, specialized coatings are applied to enhance corrosion resistance and reduce friction.
  • 2. Precision Manufacturing: Modern manufacturing techniques, including CNC machining and 3D printing, allow for the production of highly precise ratchet wheel components. This precision ensures smoother engagement and more accurate positioning, making ratchet wheels suitable for applications requiring tight tolerances.
  • 3. Miniaturization: In industries like electronics and medical devices, there is a demand for smaller and more compact ratchet mechanisms. Recent advancements have led to miniaturized ratchet wheels that can operate in confined spaces while maintaining their precision and reliability.
  • 4. Smart Ratchet Systems: Some innovative ratchet systems incorporate smart technology, such as sensors and feedback mechanisms. These systems can monitor the position and condition of the ratchet wheel in real-time, providing valuable data for diagnostics and maintenance.
  • 5. Enhanced Safety Features: Advancements in safety-critical applications have resulted in ratchet wheels with enhanced safety features. These may include fail-safe designs, improved locking mechanisms, and more robust materials to withstand extreme conditions.
  • 6. Integration with Automation: Ratchet wheels are increasingly being integrated into automated systems, where they play a crucial role in controlled motion and positioning. These integrated solutions improve efficiency and reduce the need for manual adjustments.
  • 7. Customization: Manufacturers now offer greater customization options for ratchet wheels to meet specific application requirements. This includes variations in tooth profiles, sizes, and configurations to accommodate diverse needs.
  • 8. Sustainable Materials: As sustainability becomes a more significant concern, there is a growing trend toward using eco-friendly materials in ratchet wheel production. This includes the use of recycled and recyclable materials in their construction.

These innovations in ratchet wheel technology contribute to their adaptability in various industries and applications. Whether it's improving precision, enhancing safety, or reducing environmental impact, recent advancements have expanded the capabilities of ratchet wheels in mechanical systems.

ratchet wheel

How does the design of a ratchet wheel contribute to its efficiency and reliability?

The design of a ratchet wheel is critical to its efficiency and reliability in various applications. The following design elements contribute to the effectiveness of ratchet wheels:

  • 1. Tooth Profile: The shape and profile of the teeth on a ratchet wheel are crucial. Teeth are typically angled to allow easy engagement with the pawl or catch mechanism when force is applied in the desired direction. The angle of the teeth ensures efficient and secure movement in one direction while preventing backward motion.
  • 2. Material Selection: The choice of materials for the ratchet wheel affects its durability and reliability. Ratchet wheels are commonly made of strong and wear-resistant materials such as hardened steel or alloy metals. High-quality materials ensure the wheel can withstand the forces and wear associated with its intended application.
  • 3. Tooth Size and Spacing: The size and spacing of the teeth on a ratchet wheel are designed to optimize performance. Smaller teeth allow for finer control and incremental movement, while larger teeth provide stronger engagement for heavier loads. Proper tooth spacing ensures smooth and reliable operation.
  • 4. Pawl Design: The design of the pawl or catch mechanism that engages with the ratchet wheel is equally important. The pawl should have a pointed end that effectively grips the teeth when engaged. It should also release easily when force is applied in the opposite direction to allow smooth and reliable operation.
  • 5. Lubrication and Maintenance: Adequate lubrication of the ratchet wheel and pawl is essential for reducing friction and wear. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and re-lubrication, ensures the efficient functioning of the ratchet mechanism over time.
  • 6. Load Capacity: The design of the ratchet wheel must align with the intended load capacity of the application. Heavier loads may require larger and more robust ratchet wheel designs with deeper teeth to withstand greater forces without slipping.
  • 7. Durability and Corrosion Resistance: In applications where exposure to harsh environments or moisture is a concern, ratchet wheels may incorporate coatings or materials that enhance corrosion resistance. This contributes to their long-term reliability.

The combination of these design considerations ensures that a ratchet wheel can efficiently transmit motion in one direction while effectively locking to prevent reverse movement. Proper design contributes to the overall efficiency, reliability, and safety of mechanical systems and tools that rely on ratchet mechanisms.

China best Troughing Carrier Idler, Conveyor Impact Idler  China best Troughing Carrier Idler, Conveyor Impact Idler
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